American University Black Alumni Alliance


The mission of the AU Black Alumni Alliance (BAA) is to create a lifelong and worldwide community of AU alumni with greatest focus on the black and African-heritage diaspora communities through increased opportunities for meaningful engagement towards the end of greater awareness, pride, participation, volunteer involvement, and philanthropic commitment to American University.


Jolene McNeil, SPA/BA '97

Signature Programs Co-Chair
2013 Multicultural Alumni Reunion Chair
Clarence Fluker, SOC/MA '02

Social and Networking Programs Co-Chairs
Jesse Lanier, Kogod/BS '94
William J. Bennett, III,  Kogod/BSBA '99

Awards and Scholarship Co-Chairs
Darryl L. Franklin, Esq., SPA/BA'96
Torrance J. Colvin, Esq. SPA/BA '95

Social Media and Marketing Co-Chair
Jasmine Stringer, Kogod/BSBA '01
Nadia Trowers, SOC/BA '07, SOC/MA '13 (Newsletter)

Future Alumni Outreach Co-Chairs
Jonelle Williams, SPA/BA '09
Quinton Lampkin, Kogod/BSBA'08

Membership Co-Chairs
Nadia Trowers, SOC/BA '07, SOC/MA '13
Stacey Y. Taylor, CAS/MA '98
LaTanya Pattillo, Kogod/BSBA '95
Wendy L. Edge, Kogod/BSBA '89
Quinton Lampkin, Kogod/BSBA'08

Student Representative
Deon Jones, SPA/BA Candidate '14
Alexis Adams, SIS/BA Candidate '16

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