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The vision of AU Pride Alumni Alliance (AU Pride) is to connect and engage the LGBT and ally communities of American University Alumni through celebrating diversity and increasing visibility. Achieving these goals lies in the continued engagement of our Pride Alumni through active participation, volunteer opportunities, philanthropic commitment to American University, and raising awareness of the issues affecting the LGBT and ally communities at large.


Pride Alumni Alliance May 2014 Newsletter

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Aditi Dussault
, CAS/BS '06

DC Social and Networking Programs Co-Chair
Brian Egger, SPA/ MPA '09

San Francisco / Bay Area Social and Networking Programs Co-Chairs
Jason Lalak, SOC/BA '97
Amy Lessler
, SOC/BA '06

New York Social and Networking Programs Co-Chair

Membership Co-Chairs
Jamie Curtis, SIS/BA '03
Brett Zongker, SOC/BA '03, SOC/MA '04

Social Media and Marketing Co-Chair
Chad Appel, J.D., SPA/BA '03
Allison Dickinson, SIS/MA '13

  Future Alumni Outreach Co-Chair

Awards and Scholarships Co-Chair
Mindy Michels, PhD, CAS/MA '98, CAS/PhD '03

Student Representatives
Tyler Bowders, CAS/BA '15
Emmett Patterson
, CAS/BA '15

Get Involved

AU Pride is currently seeking alumni volunteers who want to be involved in this engagement opportunity. From leading the way to planning events and spreading the word, there is a place on the Pride Leadership Circle for everyone to be involved.

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Sunday, August 03, 2014

Pride ABCs (Alumni Brunch & Cocktails) Series
Join the Pride Alumni Alliance for the Pride ABCs (Alumni Brunch & Cocktails)! Connect and chat with other members of the LGBTQ and ally alumni community over delicious food and drinks. Brunches are in New York and D.C. each Sunday in August. Space is limited, so reserve your seat ASAP!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Alumni in the KNOW: Monica J. Hazangeles CAS/MA '96
The AU Alumni Association host alumni Monica J, Hazangeles CAS/MA '96 to speak about her time at AU and her distinguished career and accomplishments.