Community Audit

Qualifications and Information

  • The Community Audit program is open to individuals ages 60 and older who live in the 20016 zip code surrounding the university.

  • Residents may audit one course each fall, spring, and summer semester for the nominal fee of $100 (plus course fees)
  • The Community Audit Program, alongside the Alumni Audit Program, supports the Alumni Association Scholarship. Seventy-five dollars ($75) of your $100 registration fee goes directly to the scholarship's endowment. The scholarship is awarded every other year. For more information on the Alumni Association Scholarship, please call 202-885-5962. 

  • No credit is given for courses taken through this program, and courses will not appear on transcripts. If you wish to receive credit for courses, you must register as a non-degree seeking student and pay tuition at the prevailing rates.

Please contact us at or 202-885-5962 if you have further questions.

Community Audit Enrollment Process

The Community Audit application for summer 2017 is now closed. The application for Fall 2017 will open on Monday, August 7. 

By following a few simple steps, we can help you enroll in a course that interests you. Please carefully read through all information for participation in the program. 






Step 1: Verify Your Date of Birth and Residency

You may submit verification of your date of birth and address with the Community Relations office in one of three ways:
  • In person
    Andrew Huff, Director of Community Relations
    Office of Finance and Treasurer
    3201 New Mexico Avenue, Suite 280
    Washington, DC 20016

Note: Both date of birth and physical home address must be verified officially. A government-issued photo identification is required for age verification. Utility bills may be used to prove physical residence. (A government-issued photo ID card may be used to verify both age and address.)

Step 2: Check the Schedule

Be sure to check the registrar's schedule of classes. A course must be listed as open for an auditor to enroll in it.

NOTE: The following are not eligible for community audit:

  • Institutes and seminars
  • Courses that require a special tuition rate or are taught at other institutions through the consortium
  • Online courses

Please Note:

  • Summer intensive language courses have a community audit fee of $200 (instead of $100), in addition to any course fees.
  • Click here for the Auditing Guidelines by School.
  • All courses in the School of Communication must be approved through Justin Bernstine at
  • The $100 (or $200) audit fee is paid when you apply online. Any additional course fees must be paid separately to the Office of Student Accounts.

If you have a question about a course's availability, please contact us at 202-885-5962.

Step 3: Complete the Application

The Community Audit application for summer 2017 is now closed. The application for Fall 2017 will open on Monday, August 7. 

The $100 (or $200) Audit fee is paid immediately when you apply online and an email confirmation of payment will be sent to your email address. The confirmation of payment email only confirms your payment and course information. It is not a confirmation of enrollment in a course.

Once your application is received, the Office of Alumni Relations will verify your age and residence and ensure that your preferred course is open. If all conditions are met, a request will be sent to the Office of the Registrar to enroll you in the course.

Please note that actual course enrollment occurs during the first two weeks of classes for the fall and spring semesters and only for courses which have not reached their enrollment limits.

Step 4: Obtain Professor or Departmental Approval

Submit professor or departmental approval in the form of a signature or e-mail to

Approval must be obtained before your registration can be processed with the registrar’s office. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Step 5: Get an AU Community ID Card

The Office of Alumni Relations will generate your American University ID number. Once you have been issued a number, visit the One Card & Dining Services office, located in Mary Graydon Center, to obtain your official American University Community ID card. Please visit the One Card & Dining Services office website at for their hours of operation and more information. Please note: If you lose your ID card, you are responsible for paying a $20 replacement card fee.

Enrollment and Academic Resources

While we hope to confirm all registrations as quickly as possible, please note that it can take up to three business days following the end of the add/drop period to verify all registrations. Be sure to work with your professor during this time to stay up to date with any course assignments. We appreciate your patience.
Once you have received your confirmation e-mail, you will be able to sign into Blackboard to fully experience life as a student. If your class requires access to any particular software programs, please contact the IT Help Desk at for assistance in gaining access.