What is a Legacy?
LEGACY: (1) Something handed down from an ancestor or predecessor; from the past.

American University alumni and students who are the children, grandchildren, parents, or grandparents of an American University alumnus/a (undergraduate or graduate program) are considered legacies.

What is the Legacy Alumni Network (LAN)?
This network is designed to bring together those alumni and students who have made an AU education part of their family tradition. Generations of families have passed on the AU tradition to their children and grandchildren, and we want to help celebrate this special relationship.

The Legacy Alumni Network (LAN) helps these members of the AU community stay in touch with the university and with other legacies through special events and networking opportunities. It rewards families for their continued generational support of AU. This network is just one more way that we're strengthening the bond between the university, our alumni, and our students.

Application Process
As the child, grandchild, parent, or grandparent of an alumnus/a of American University, you will be automatically enrolled in the LAN. If you have any questions, please contact Pat Rabb at rabb@american.edu.

Governance and Structure

Roles and Responsibilities
There are two types of LAN memberships:
      • General members are American University legacy alumni as defined in The American University Legacy Alumni Network program guidelines listed above.  LAN membership is automatic once you meet the AU legacy definition.
      • Active members are those who attend at least one in-person event or participate in at least one virtual event between May 1 and April 30 produced, sponsored, or presented in-part by the LAN, an affinity group, an alumni chapter, the American University Alumni Association, or American University. 

Co-Chairs: Linda Lupo-Rodriguez, SOC/BA '87, and Jacqueline 'Jackie' Cirillo-Meisenberg, SOC/BA '87

The LAN Co-Chairs shall have 2-4 ad hoc meetings per year either in person or via conference call with the Associate Director of Alumni Admissions Volunteers to assist in planning LAN activities. The Co-Chairs shall serve as the LAN official representative at events and in various communications.  Only two active members may hold this position during a term.  

The Co-Chairs shall be appointed by the Associate Director of Alumni Admissions Volunteers in consultation with the Director of Parent Advancement.  Active members seeking the position as Co-Chair will be asked for a face-to-face interview with the Associate Director of Alumni Admissions Volunteers.

Terms of Service
Each Co-Chair is appointed for one calendar year beginning January 1 and ending December 31. Each Co-Chair may be reappointed to his or her leadership position for two consecutive terms.

Activities and Programs

Legacy Breakfast and Pinning Ceremony
Legacy students and alumni of AU along with their guests are invited to celebrate and be recognized for continuing the AU educational tradition. Students and alumni are presented with a specially designed legacy pin by their AU alumni family members.  The event is by invitation only and traditionally planned during All-American Weekend.      

Legacy Commencement events in May
As an AU legacy senior, you will be invited to check in for the Toast to Graduates event at the exclusive AU legacy table. You will receive a special gift to celebrate making an AU education part of your family tradition! 

For commencement, legacy seniors will be offered two seats for their special guests in the reserved section near the stage along with one reserved parking space. Because space is limited, additional guests are welcome to sit in the general seating areas. 

Alumni Association Scholarship
The Alumni Association Scholarship was created to support legacy students who have a mother, father, or grandparent with a degree from AU.

This $5,000 per-year-scholarship is currently awarded every other year to a freshman legacy student who has attained a minimum 3.5 cumulative high school grade average and has submitted a 500-word essay describing how their parent's or grandparent’s student experience influenced their own decision to attend AU.

The scholarship is renewable for up to four years. For more information, access the Alumni Association Scholarship website.


1. My siblings attended American University.  So, am I considered an AU legacy?
American University has defined an AU legacy as being an AU alumna/us or student who is the child, grandchild, parent or grandparent of an American University alumnus/a (undergraduate or graduate program). This is in line with the definition of legacy as specified by admissions.


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