SIS Student-Alumni Mentoring Program Student Application

SIS Student-Alumni Mentoring Program Student Application
      • 3.2 GPA or above (only applies to undergraduates)
      • SIS undergraduate senior who will qualify to graduate in May 2015 or incoming or current SIS graduate student *
      • Completed application by deadline
*Students graduating in December 2014 are not eligible 

Graduate students who participated in the 2013-2014 program are welcome to apply for 2014-2015 but are not guaranteed acceptance.

You should consider applying to this program if one or more of the following areas of focus interests you:
      • Resume and cover letter review
      • Networking
      • Interview techniques and strategies
      • Job shadowing or interning, if possible

Before submitting your application, please read the SIS Student-Alumni Mentoring Program Overview and Expectations (pdf) in order to familiarize yourself with the program’s expectations and tips for a successful and fulfilling mentorship experience. Also, please note that this application will require two (2) letters of recommendation to be submitted to by the application deadline.

Applications are due Sunday, July 13, 2014. All completed materials must be submitted on time for applications to be considered. When possible, the mentee is teamed with a mentor whose professional focus and experience match the mentee’s career aspirations. In all cases, care is taken to ensure matches are based on similar professional interests.

If you have questions about the program or application form, please email
Name and E-mail
First Name:
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Last Name:
Contact Information
Date of Birth:
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Cell Phone:
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Letters of Recommendation
You will be required to provide two (2) letters of recommendation for this application -- one from a professional reference and one from an academic reference. These letters can be short (no more than 300 words) but must demonstrate your qualifications for this program. Your recommenders should consider sharing with us a time when you completed any of the following: 

      • Owning and finishing a project, task, or assignment
      • Taking initiative
      • Demonstrating organizational abilities and follow-through
      • Taking professional steps to work through a challenge

Your two letters must be submitted by your recommenders to no later than 11:59 p.m. EDT on July 13, 2014. Please ask your recommenders to put the following in the e-mail subject line: [Recommendation, SIS Mentoring Program, Student's Full Name].
Additional Information
Please attach your answers to the following questions below in the Electronic Uploads section of this application. Your answers should be brief and succinct.
  1. What do you plan on getting out of the mentoring experience? 
  2. How do you plan on being an active participant in this program?
  3. What are you professional goals after graduating from American University and how do you think the mentoring program will help you achieve your goals?
Career Resources
Have you taken advantage of any of the following career resources on or off campus? Please mark all that apply.

Other (please specify):
Professional Interests
Please select your areas of professional interest:
Regional Interest:

Policy Specialization:

Sector(s) of Interest:

Demographic Information (OPTIONAL)
The selection committee will not use any demographic information you provide in determining your eligibility for the program. However, if you would like to potentially be matched with a mentor who shares a similar racial, ethnic, or affinity background(s), please complete any or all sections below. We cannot guarantee all matches will share common demographics, but any additional information will be helpful to the selection committee during the matching process.
Race (select all that apply):

Other (please specify):
Current Student Status:
First Generation:
Are you actively serving in a branch of the U.S. Military?
If yes, which branch?
Are you a veteran?
Other (please specify):
Sexual Orientation (select all that apply):

Other (please specify):
Religious Affiliation:
Additional Information Questions:
Current Resume:
Brief Bio (less than 300 words):
Your bio will remain confidential and internal during the application process. If you are accepted into the program and matched with a mentor, we must also be able to share your bio with your match for preparation purposes. The mentor you are matched with will agree to not share your bio with anyone.
A professional photo of yourself to be considered for future AU marketing purposes:
Submission Agreements
OPTIONAL: I certify and agree that I have read the Media Release form; that I understand the terms and conditions therein; and that I agree to abide by them. If you agree to this, your photo and bio may be used for future marketing purposes.
I understand and agree to the terms.
REQUIRED: I certify and agree that I have read the SIS Student-Alumni Mentoring Program Overview and Expectations document; that I understand the terms and conditions therein; and that I agree to abide by them.
I understand and agree to the terms.